CIO 100 is the acknowledged mark of excellence in enterprise IT and is considered the ‘Oscars of the Indian IT Industry’. This proud tradition of recognizing CIOs began in the USA over 3 decades ago and is now a celebrated annual event across continents.

Technology, after a volatile year of 2020 and 2021 is now noteworthy, ubiquitous and multiplier of growth as organizations and their digital leaders (CEOs and CIOs) drive faster business outcomes with new-age solutions, innovative services and customer experiences. IDG believes that technology exists to make the world a better place and at no time in history has that been more amplified than the past eighteen months. The 16th Annual India edition of CIO 100 Awards and Symposium scheduled on 11 and 12 November, 2021 hence takes on even larger significance.  

The CIO100 symposium and awards is based on a theme that best reflects the current business landscape. This year, we at IDG India celebrate The Futuristic 100—CIOs and technology leaders who have demonstrated a progressive and forward- thinking spirit by embracing new ideas, new technologies and new opportunities to advance their organisations and make them future ready. The unprecedented disruption in businesses has propelled CIOs and organizations to be versatile adapting to these sudden, dramatic, and global conditions that have impacted supply-chains, employees and customers like never before. 

In 2020 and 2021, CIOs evolved as business strategists rather than mere technologists to help their organisations’ digital and business transformation journey into the future. These organisations were led by CIOs with a strategic mind-set to ensure business continuity plans, provide greater resilience and leverage rapid innovation in challenging times to stay relevant and be competitive in the marketplace. CIO100 is the platform to acknowledge these visionaries, share their success and set the discourse for what lies ahead. To find the bright spots around technology, management and leadership —and celebrate achievements of notable CIOs. 

The 2021 CIO 100 awards and symposium is a 2-day event encompassing international keynote, industry stalwarts, leading CIOs will host ‘who’s who of India’s IT industry’ over panel discussions, roundtables, power sessions and awards ceremony. With technology topics around cloud, security, collaboration, customer experience and the likes, the larger objective of the symposium remains to deliberate around digital leadership, work- culture shift, changing business climate, that truly empowers CIOs to emerge as the futuristic leaders for 2021 and beyond.

Key Discussion Topics

  • Business Continuity 

  • Business Transformation

  • Customer Experience

  • Cyber Resilience

  • Digital Leadership 

  • Future of Cloud Transformation 

  • Smart Workplace & Collaboration