Honoring the Progressive 100

CIO 100 is the acknowledged mark of excellence in enterprise IT and is considered the ‘Oscars of the Indian IT Industry’. This proud tradition of recognizing CIOs began in the USA over 3 decades ago and is now a celebrated annual event across continents.

The CIO100 symposium and awards is based on a theme that best reflects the current business landscape. This year, we celebrate the Progressive 100—CIOs who have demonstrated a progressive spirit by embracing new ideas, new technologies and new opportunities to advance their organisations and make them future ready.

The year 2020 will be remembered for the unprecedented disruption in businesses caused by the pandemic. CIOs and organizations have needed to be versatile adapting to these sudden, dramatic, and global conditions that have impacted supply-chains, employees and customers like never before.

The true heroes are not those who have reacted to the pandemic but rather those that were better prepared. Successful companies have not just been able to rise to the pandemic challenges but to forge ahead despite it, while others floundered. These organisations were led by CIOs with strategic vision who were able to rely on business continuity plans, provide greater resilience and rapid innovation at a time when competition stayed frozen.

CIO100 is the platform to acknowledge these visionaries, share their success and set the discourse for what lies ahead.