Amit Madhan is President and Group Head –IT and e-business at Thomas Cook. Madhan is an experienced digital business professional with a demonstrated history of setting up eCommerce platforms for companies in insurance, travel and tourism space.

Thomas Cook faced some challenges, namely high leads follow up cost due to dependence on the call-centre personnel, anonymous visitors (on the website) not being leveraged, low customer engagement, low CLV (Customer lifetime value) because of insufficient efforts in cross-selling and upselling. The primary aim was to enhance the lead conversion rate, engage with existing customers and thereby enable cross-selling and up selling, retarget the anonymous leads and ultimately reduce the overall cost of acquisition. A strategy was created by integrating CRM, web, app and consumer analytics with an AI and Machine learning based marketing automation platform thereby creating a unified view of individual consumers. Web and app integration tracked the browsing pattern of the consumer, while CRM provided additional data points as updated by the call center team on interaction with the consumer. The benefits of the project: The cost of acquisition for channels like email, SMS and push notifications reduced by more than 50%. A new source of revenue in the form of marketing automations and data driven marketing campaigns helped increase the revenue by 2.5x from such campaigns. Within 8 months of the project going live, around 30 fully functional marketing automations journeys were made live, generating a new channel of sourcing online sales for Thomas Cook India.