Avadhut Parab is the CIO – Global, at Wockhardt. Parab is a leader in SAP Implementation as a techno functional role, with expertise in project and program management, strategy building, annual budgeting, manpower planning, vendor evaluation management, new technology, evaluation, among others.

Wockhardt set up a new global datacentre setup for HANA along with DR2. The landscape migration from SAP ECC to SAP HANA entailed moving from ECC6.0 EHP 7 to HANA, BIW to BW on HANA, business planning and consolidation to BPC on HANA, OpenText Archival to HANA. Also, this entailed integrating HANA with Mobility, EDI, hand held and other dbase MIS systems. The benefits that accrued from the migration are: the speed of analytics and MIS execution came down from 24 hrs to 1 hr, from 10 hrs to less than 30 minutes and processing time of 1 hour to a few seconds. Secondly, the user interface has becomes easy to operate and has had a direct impact on efficiency. Thirdly, the analytics integration is real time with no middleware. The visibility of the connected factory’s Organizational Operational efficiency (OOE), with ability to drill from factory, to plant, to area, to individual machine. Wockhardt records a productivity improvement by 25%, besides mobility on the shop floor, resulting in instantaneous update of information directly from shop floor, improved data driven decision making and visibility.