Basant Chaturvedi is Associate Director - CIO at Perfetti Van Melle India Chaturvedi is a digital transformation expert with 20+ years of driving positive customer experience through adoption of emerging technologies.

Perfetti undertook a sales transformation project, the objective of which was to increase coverage, enable all distributors with automation to track outlet-level sales, increase sales visibility by outlet, enable sales force automation using cloud, mobile based app and BI solution to drive retail growth and enhance instore merchandising Lastly, measure and increase total call, productive call and sales growth. The benefits of the project: It enabled 100% secondary sales automation across India. It also provided sales force automation tool (mobile apps) to 3000+ personnel across India to enable activity tracking, intelligent order capturing and processing system. The project activated a mobile learning platform for self-sustenance model. It also implemented a BI solution to enable guided analytics for all stakeholders. Lastly, it enabled an effective and efficient support model to support over 4500 users across using Whatsapp for Business and mobile app for support.