Baskar Raj is Chief Technology Officer APAC at Euronet Worldwide Services. As company’s CTO since over four years, he is responsible for technology infrastructure and IT operations, software development and delivery, Audits and Compliance and overall IT security. He has twenty two years of industry experience in senior management roles in the field of technology.

The global electronic transactions and payments conglomerate Euronet Worldwide wanted modern IT infra for faster GTM, Data resilience and Easy provisioning of DR. They have been one of the first adopters of HCI Infrastructure for OLTP (Online Transactional Processing) Environment in India as the growing business demanded faster provisioning of a low-cost high-performance IT Infra and to early go to market launch for new customers. HCI involves less footprint resulting in savings of hosting cost in DC for an environment for an organization. The availability and performance at Euronet has increased up to 3x with similar kind of investment with a good improvement in CSAT. There has also been ease of capacity augmentation and provisioning thus resulting in faster onboarding of new customers. With HCI Infrastructure, the production go live for new customers has reduced by 4 to 6 weeks as the provisioning time has reduced drastically. Further HCI project helped DR of Virtual Systems with minimal efforts and downtime. The overall lower infrastructure cost means higher business margins for the company.