Binod Hampapur, EVP and Global Head of Talent & Technology Operations at Infosys is responsible for Recruitment, Global Immigration, Procurement, Quality, InfosysIT (comprising of Computer & Communications and Information systems), Information Security Group, and India business. He has over 34 years of industry experience and has held several leadership positions at Infosys. He joined the company in 1993 as the Head of Manpower Planning.

The world is getting transformed with Digital technologies and Infosys wanted to embrace the change. Today, the workforce expects consumer grade experience from corporate systems and for them to be available and accessible anytime, anywhere from any device. Experience, Learning and Productivity are the 3 key strategic pillars for this journey. At the same time it is imperative that the employee is able to continuously learn and reskill themselves so that they add better value to the client and themselves. As part of this transformation, the company established, ‘InfyMe’ – a single app for all employee related transactions across the globe. The organization integrated a landscape of 300+ apps having 150+ features covering 70 percent of key transactions. Another challenge was to train people on new age. This was addressed through ‘Lex’, a learning that allows the employee to access learning content from anywhere, any device and anytime. Almost every Infosys employee has used the platform (200000+ downloads). The company also launched a platform called ‘InfyTQ’ with several courses on technical and professional skills aimed at improving the understanding of fundamental building blocks of technology amongst the students so that they are industry ready.