Chandan Burnwal, General Manager-IT at JMC Projects, has extensive experience in deploying complex SAP projects and software implementations. In an experience spanning 17 years, including seven years of overseas experience across Europe and South East Asia, he has had client-facing roles in the ports, steel, consumer products, telecom, automotive and power sectors. Prior to joining JMC Projects, Burnwal was working as senior managing consultant at IBM India, where he served for over 10 years. He is a mechanical engineer and has post-graduation degrees in thermal power plant engineering as well as industrial engineering.

JMC Projects had been working with a legacy ERP system in which numerous reports and management charts had to be prepared manually. As the company had implemented S/4HANA as its ERP system (an in-memory database), a conscious decision was taken to pull real time data into the management dashboard. The dashboards were made available across various mobility form factors – mobiles, tablets, laptops, and desktops; and across operating systems like iOS, Android and Windows. While the management earlier used to rely on reports prepared by individuals and used to be questioning the sanity of multiple versions of manual reports and dashboards, it can now visualize reports and dashboards by itself on real time basis. The real time dashboards are available across all business functions for management decision making. Real time analytics for more than 100 reports across business functions is available for all users. This includes material and labour reconciliation reports – a key pain point prior to the deployment. Improved visualization of the analytics layer in form of real time pie charts, graphs, and tables – the most basic drill-down – was made available along with alerts being highlighted. The project resulted in a reduction in MIS preparation time by 50-100 percent. In addition to bringing transparency across the organization, the solution helped JMC Projects focus on planning and execution, as opposed to spending time preparing reports.