Chetan Shah is the Global Head – IT Infrastructure at L&T Technology.

At LTTS (L&T Technology Services), there was a need for complete segregation of IT for LTTS. It also needed to build an independent IT infrastructure which includes independent cloud tenant, segregation of mail users with new email domain and network segregation. The project seemed to be complex and thus the transformation project required a lot of advance project planning, preparing and finalising the ‘to-be’ IT architecture & landscape for LTTS. The project also includes evaluation of suitable migration tools – technologies for online migration of more than 16000 cloud mailboxes from one tenant to another tenant without any downtime to the business continuity. Project execution has involved most of the IT infra domains starting from migration of network, datacenter (primary and secondary), cloud tenant, O365 mailing system, cloud applications and active directory. This was one of the largest and most complex IT migration projects across LTTS. It has affected almost all the domains of IT/IT security and IT applications as well as business processes.


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