Deepak Agarwal is the Executive Director (IS) at Indian Oil Corporation. He is also a certified independent director from the Institute of Directors. He has made a mark at IOCL as a change manager for complex IT projects, devising digital and IT strategies, and in managing large ERP implementations. Agarwal also has a special interest in IT research and teaching.

At Indian Oil Corporation, the IT team led by Deepak Agarwal was responsible for the deployment of xForm ERP – an SAP HANA migration of Indian Oil Corporation’s ERP landscape which made a near-zero downtime availability. IOCL observed performance bottlenecks beginning to creep up due to dated hardware. The existing hardware was purchased in 2011 and performance bottlenecks had started to creep up. In order to make the IT infrastructure S/4 HANA-ready and leverage technologies like IoT, ML, predictive maintenance, and big data, IOCL took the decision to migrate the existing database to in-memory platforms in two phases. In the first phase, IOCL revamped its servers, LAN, WAN hardware refresh, and SAP license conversion. It also created a separate datacenter within the existing one and upgraded the power substation. Near-zero downtime services were availed in order to complete the project with minimum possible downtime and risks. The company was able to reduce backup time from 12 hours to 3 minutes and restore time from 12 hours to 30 minutes. As a result of these deployments and upgrades, reports are not only getting generated in real-time, but have also become faster by as much as 250 times. As a result, end users are witnessing massive improvements in response time and performance. This has led to increased user productivity levels and efficiency.