Derek Lopez is GM-IT at United Breweries Limited (UBL). Lopez has been a part of the UB group for the last 27 years and worked in multiple companies within the group, including UBICS, McDowell & Co and United Breweries. Currently, he looks after application development and support on SAP and internally developed applications at UBL.

United Breweries Limited (UBL) operates in a very complex regulatory environment and has a network of 30 breweries across the country to meet its market demand. The objective of this project was to improve the accuracy of transaction entry as well as to reduce the time taken for entry by 30 users across the 22 factories and 10 sub-contracted malting units. There are 16 transactions that need to be entered in SAP for each movement of barley from the malting units to each factory. The basic transaction details are filled in an Excel sheet and sent by e-mail to a pre-designated mail id. The RPA process polls this mail id and picks up the excel file for processing. After validating the transaction details in the excel file, all 16 transactions are posted automatically in SAP. The PDF of the output for each transaction is generated and e-mailed back to the sender as well as to the respective factories. This process is repeated for each of the transactions entered in the excel file. The benefits that accrued from this project: The SAP posting is done automatically for 16 related steps with no human intervention. Secondly, malt users do not need to coordinate with factory users to send loads to the factories. Also, the data is accurately posted leading to no reconciliation.