Dilip Kukreja, Vice President & Head – Digital Innovations at Bennett Coleman & Co. has over 25 years of experience as a business and technology professional with a keen focus on digital transformation and innovation. He has a proven track record of strategizing technological improvements that drive operational efficiency and cost reduction. In addition to automating business operations through technology and improving productivity, Kukreja has accrued experience in all facets of IT and business – right from sales to consulting and delivery in top companies like IBM, Microsoft and Wipro.

At Bennett Coleman & Co., Dilip Kukreja was instrumental in deploying an integrated content management system that leveraged cognitive auto-tagging. The media conglomerate deployed auto tagging for content ingestion in March 2019. The eUnagi system, equipped with cloud-based ML and cognitive capabilities enables content recognition by addition of metadata to images that aren’t tagged. The solution automates recognition of personalities, expressions, objects and text from images to enhance search efficiency using artificial intelligence, machine learning and cloud technologies. A first of its kind in BCCL for improving content quality and performance for editorial users, photographers and designers, the solution comes with a configurable workflow for manual verification. Additionally, the solution automates common metadata identification from source images, thereby avoiding purging of images – at the same time, improving search by leveraging keywords. A configurable workflow for adding manual verification processes is provided for and content selection for monetization can also be accelerated. The solution has brought about a 60-65 percent automation with 95 percent accuracy.