Harnath Babu is the Chief Information Officer at KPMG India. He leads the Technology team, driving new agile engineering capabilities while delivering fit-for-purpose solutions for diverse business functions. As a digital transformation strategist with over 19 years of influential leadership, Harnath is known for definitive IT Excellence and strategic oversight. He spearheads several initiatives by capitalizing emerging technologies such as Mobility, Cloud Computing, Artificial Intelligence, Robotics Process Automation and much more. Prior to joining KPMG India, he implemented three insurance startups and two legacy transformations.

At KPMG India, under the leadership of Harnath Babu, the IT team implemented a solution backed by an agile, AI and RPA, to automate several processes to save thousands of man hours in different segments within the firm. In addition to process transformation, an integrated dashboard with intelligent voice recognition and natural language understanding service was also implemented. This helps business stakeholders to get instant answers to their specific questions. This solution not only helped yield cost savings but also enhanced service improvement, transformative services and compliances with higher accuracy as well as projects the relevant KPIs on the screen.