Jayanta Banerjee is Group CIO at Tata Steel Limited (TSL), focusing on IT, Digital and Automation led transformation to create business value.

Tata Steel has embarked on a long-term Digital technology led business transformation programme to drive value creation across the enterprise with the goal of becoming Agile, Intelligent & Smart. The intended EBIDTA impact is to the tune of $2bn over 3-4 years. This transformation is being enabled by a multi-layer IT & Digital strategy framework that would make the enterprise business decisions based on Insights rather than Instincts. 6x increase in Connectivity, ~80% Cloud footprint, 10x increase in event analysis capability for enhanced Cybersecurity (covering IT & OT) form the foundation of this agile enterprise. Smart sensors, integrated applications, ERP and MES are feeding into a Data Office, enabled through Data Virtualization & Orchestration technologies, which cumulatively leads to enterprise-wide single version of truth and enables enterprise intelligence. Advanced Analytics & AI solutions feed off the Data Office to learn fast & at scale, reason with purpose and interact naturally with humans. The final layer of Visualisation is enabling frictionless consumption of Insights aiding in near real-time decision making. Tata Steel is undertaking various business transformation initiatives in the domains of – Integrated Supply Chain & Logistics, Connected Mining, Smart Asset Maintenance, Customer facing Digital Platforms, Smart Closure of Financial Accounts, Smart Procurement and Energy Management. Such organisation wide programmes are being driven by cross-functional teams from across various verticals, augmented by a partner ecosystem comprising best-in-class technology & consulting partners as well as Deep Tech. Start-ups. Re-skilling & up-skilling of the employee base is being done consistently to ensure a sustainable transformation. The overall strategy is revisited from time to time to ensure alignment with the overall Strategic Objectives of the organisation, through multi-tiered governance process.


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