Jitendra Mishra is the VP-Chief Information Officer (CIO) at Alembic Pharmaceuticals. Mishra comes with 25+ years of technology experience across pharmaceuticals and clinical research industry verticals which includesMultinational / Multi-Cultural / National and international IT exposure. His expertise includes spearheading and implementing enterprise information systems to support both distributed and centralized business operations and achieve more effective and cost beneficial enterprise-wide IT operations.

The organization implemented a virtual desktop infrastructure, which led to efficient management of Alembic infrastructure user environments. In contrast to Terminal Server based centralized computing, VDI gives each user an independent virtual machine for desktop computing. By giving each user their own operating system, VDI provides the stability and performance management features necessary for enterprise deployment of centralized desktops. While sharing similarities with other computing models, VDI has offered many new and compelling benefits for increasing manageability, performance, and security of user desktops/PCs. The approach has been effective in bringing unique benefits to the Alembic infrastructure team. Users can reconnect from any location with a variety of devices, this has resulted in a great degree of flexibility for improved business agility. Additionally, consolidation and reduction in upgrade cycles has minimized hardware costs for server and client side equipment. And server based computing has improved the company’s ability to use resources as a common pool.