Jitendra Singh is a digital leader with over 28 years of experience in business excellence, ERP, team management, business intelligence, vendor management, CRM, and business analytics. Singh joined JK Cement as CIO in 2016. He has worked in different domains including industrial conglomerates, pharmaceuticals, fertilizers, and cement manufacturing – with companies like Triveni Engg. & Industries, Jubilant Life Sciences, and BCM. In his previous stint, he led Nagarjuna Fertilizers as CIO & Head (Business Excellence), heading major projects. Prior to that, Singh was the CIO at HIL.

JK Cement deployed project Umber – essentially an umbrella app developed for the mobile users of JK Cement. It comprises of functionalities of various applications required in the field, thereby reducing efforts to switch between more than four applications to perform tasks. The Android app includes features like journey cycle plan, targets, visit reporting, and customer details including outstanding orders and orders indented. The app also has a gamified interface for individuals to have an overview of their targets v/s achievement numbers and other useful dashboards. Umber connects at the back end with JK Cement’s other applications – like its automated dealer network, wherein activities of its channel network, including secondary sales, is made visible. The application has been rolled out for the company’s white cement business division and is presently being used by its 300+ field force. The app also has provisions to register customer complaints through a ticketing-based module. JK Cement has already started reaping benefits from the app – the number of visits has increased from six to eight a day, it can analyse secondary sales, formulate a better journey cycle plan, and identify white spaces where the company doesn’t have a presence. The Umber app works in remote areas as well, where mobile network is not available, and can synchronize whenever it connects back to the service provider. Additionally, the app streamlined operations with a near 100 percent automation of JK Cement’s field force.