Krishnakumar Mahalingam (also known as Krish) is the Tech CoE Leader and Head of Enterprise applications Development at Honeywell Technology Solutions Labs, Bangalore.

KrishnaKumar heads the Build team of Technology CoE and takes care of complex SAP developments and deployments across Honeywell Enterprise which comprises of globally distributed factories/sites related to aerospace, engineering and manufacturing processes. He has also lead the DX journeys of many customer projects and has contributed to the success stories of building innovative customer solutions in the areas of big data-SAP HANA, SCP Cloud, Hybris, block chain, IOT and S/4 HANA. He has orchestrated some of the most complex architectures and landscapes of enterprise giants. In the area of supply chain Management, the architecture revamp efforts of the team led by Krish helped to reduce TCO by reducing the need to invest in large capital expenditures and providing a pay-as-you-go model, for multiple enterprises. The new simplified supply chain and procurement processes and analytics dashboard helps to consolidate data from multiple enterprise units across the globe and derive meaningful insights especially during the end of the month. The business got rid of a huge hardware footprint, saved time on processes and eventually translated them into monetary savings to the company. The legacy applications used in the process had inherent problems of delay, inaccuracy and high efforts. Intelligent insights and analytics using ML algorithms, fast track decision making leveraging RPA and simplification of enterprise processes with a set of planning rules are the key highlights of his implementation.