Muralidharan PM is Senior Director–Info-Tech at Biocon. A technically sound and result-oriented professional, he has the ability to conceptualize and deliver technology solutions in line with organizational needs. He has a successful track record of providing strategic leadership for enterprise-wide technology initiatives, and well-experienced in implementing GxP applications and cyber & information security solutions in pharmaceutical organizations to ensure regulatory compliance and data integrity. Prior to joining Biocon, Muralidharan has held IT leadership positions at Wipro Technologies, Satyam Computers (Tech Mahindra), Waters India and Lambda Therapeutic Research.

To bolster network security and access control, Biocon deployed Network Access Control (NAC), enabled port-based authentication and implemented the Authentication, Authorization, and Accounting (AAA) framework in its LAN and Wi-Fi infra, thereby restricting unauthorized systems/equipment connectivity to the corporate network. The project enabled traceability of all systems and user network authentication logs for any incident investigation. Among other benefits, NAC enabled system health check and compliance with the antivirus as well as patch status check. In case of any non-compliance, the NAC policy moves flagged systems to quarantine VLAN and patches it before connecting to the production network. Moreover, keeping a track of all systems and user network authentication logs makes it easier for auditing purposes. The benefits derived from the NAC deployment is not confined to access control alone. By implementing Robotic Process Automation (RPA), processes have become more agile – it removes drudgery, reduces manpower, ensures timely availability of spare parts and service engineers for maintenance of equipment, and improved transparency. These factors, as Muralidharan points out, has ultimately led to enhancing customer delight.