Nitin Kumar Rohilla spearheads IT at Adani Electricity. He has nearly three decades of experience in the IT industry, having held several leadership roles at organizations such as Pidilite Industries, Azure Power, TATA Power, Cairn Energy, among others. He is the Vice President – IT at Adani Electricity, Mumbai.

Adani Electricity Mumbai (AEML) caters electricity to its 3 million customers spread across the Mumbai suburban area. The idea was to improve monthly revenue collection efficiency by addressing potential delinquency. It required predicting monthly bill payment defaulters (overdue amount) and customer segmentation and profiling based on their payment behaviors. The company carried out a pilot project of predictive analytics. The model was built and tested for every month after deployment of pilot on AEML infrastructure. The AI/ML technique-based pilot project, which uses data science at core enabled AEML to turn available data into competitive benefits, improved efficiencies, revenue and customer-facing advantages, which is a key priority for AEML. Now recovery team can leverage analytics and prioritize their actions to address probable defaulter cases efficiently without requiring any human intervention and improve collections. The organization considers artificial intelligence/machine learning technique as one of the motivating and vital areas of research, with the aim of extracting and churning information from tremendous amount of accumulated data and predicting potential defaulters.