Piyush Chowhan is the CIO at Arvind Fashions and is responsible for IT strategy and execution of technology for all its brands and retail business. He is an expert in areas of retail strategy, business analytics, customer loyalty and CRM, retail business consulting and supply chain management. He has previously worked with global retail giants such as Walmart, Target, Circuit City, Tesco, and Best Buy.

Arvind launched Omni Channel Experience - NNNow.com. This new initiative was envisioned to move away from the discount driven e-commerce market to a brand led omni-channel shopping journey. This platform was custom designed in-house and is based on open-source technologies. This Omni Channel platform was implemented across Arvind’s 1000+ stores network. This platform was later extended to other 30+ leading brands in India. Arvind's Omni-channel solution aims to provide a seamless, hassle-free and personalized shopping experience to its customers, regardless of channel or platform, complementing customers’ preferred method of shopping. Additionally, Arvind's software-as-a-service offering provides a plug and play solution to brands and retailers. It enables brands to power their primary portals and enable omni-channel services, such as click-and-collect, 2-hour delivery from store, return-to-store etc. The in-store technology delivers features like save-the-sale and endless aisle, thereby increasing store productivity and sell-through. In addition to Arvind portfolio brands, this omni-channel solution has been adopted by over 30 other leading brands in India. Arvind also provides services such as training, CRM, and logistics, which helps companies scale operations in their retail transformation journey.