Prashanth M J is Senior VP – IT Infrastructure at Sutherland Global Services. Prashanth is a technology visionary & innovative leader with international experience, having served in various industries as Chief Architect, CIO / CTO. Solution expert, product/services design, implement and delivery to Fortune 500 clients. He has demonstrated cost and efficiency delivery through digital transformation, an expert in adopting leading edge technology to deliver world class service to clients/customers.

Sutherland Joint Omnichannel Engagement (JOE) is a virtual agent designed & developed by Sutherland for employees to empower and enhance productivity through smart self-help, integrated knowledge management realizing most efficient and effective service management ecosystem. This is done to digitally engage employees with IT, HR, Facility and Admin functions in order to create tickets, resolve issues quickly and to know about organizational policy and procedures. JOE is also connected with Sutherland’s Internal Knowledge Base on IT and HR Policies. What makes JOE unique is also the fact that it supports localization. Sutherland is an organization that is spread across multiple geographies. Henceforth, the process and policies vary based on geographies. JOE figures out the location of the user and replies accordingly. JOE also has the capability to pull up reports and give information — ongoing outages, a status update on the ticket and talk about various functions within the organization. Today, JOE is integrated with, and is available across multiple platforms in Sutherland. The benefits of the project: Achieved 50% call volume reduction in Global Services Call Volume, also with more users raising tickets via JOE Virtual Agent Improved Average Time to Resolve (ATR) by 60%, since tickets would be automatically routed to the corresponding teams (ATR came down from 24 hrs to 14 hrs) Brought in significant improvement with the Average Time in Queue (ATQ) by 90%, as there was no more waiting on calls to reach agents. JOE employs fine-tuned machine learning algorithms asking well structured & pointed questions guiding users to solution at the faster possible time uses Microsoft Bot Framework.