Pratap Pat Joshi is the CIO at Mercedes Benz India. A seasoned leader, he has over two decades of experience in global automotive companies, driving strategic growth through attention for details. Prior to joining Mercedes Benz India in 2013, he also served as the GM and CIO at JCB India for over nine years.

Under Pratap Patjoshi’s leadership, Mercedes Benz India introduced a VR based training program for its operations. Spot welding is one of the most critical activities to do in the units. Prior to the implementation of this project, operators were directly introduced to this hazardous and dangerous process. The processes in the production line were time consuming and tedious. With the implementation of this project, operators were made familiar to the production line and equipment using web based computer systems with sound and animations. The training was provided in the local language, Marathi, to the benefit of the operators. The VR solutions was a virtual replica of the shop floor. The VR course trains operators on how to use electric gun effectively with the right precautions. After the course completion, the operators are given online certification qualifying them to be part of the production floor. The project has benefited them in many ways. The main benefit derived is to have a skilled manpower in less than two days without the need of a physically present trainer.