Rajesh Garg is CXO –IT at Trident Limited. Garg is a digital transformation leader with senior level experience of 26+ years of heading IT operations for several leading /mid-tier software companies, including at Trident.

As a 29-year-old leading integrated home textile manufacturer, Trident underwent first phase of digital transformation (Version 1.0, Paradigm Shift in Trident IT enabling value driven business outcomes). The project involved the following key components: 1. Building an Empowered IT Organization which is based on our values of being System Driven and Process Oriented, to support proactive decision making through the usage & high emphasis /focus on BI, Analytics & AI Technology. Usage of IT Systems from data dumping system to Decision Support System for better efficiency and productivity: • Creation of Loom Sheeting Dashboards: for insights on the running looms status, Loom efficiency, loom breaks, Avg. speed, etc. • Real Time Status – Device Dashboard - for insights on the running status of the IT Assets and equipment. • Sheeting Process House Dashboard for insights on the running status, machine settings and utilities consumption of all the sheeting process house machines. • Digitalized CX through enhanced mobility: Trident Market Week Apps have been designed and developed to provide customers with digital details about our product portfolio, product specifications, among others. 2. Setup of a Centralized, Cloud based, World class, Global KM platform “GYANALAYA” providing Structured availability of relevant company information (using 6S methodology - Sort, Set in Order, Shine, Standardize, Sustain, Safety) – Approx. 6 lacs plus documents and still the count is ‘ON’ 3. Creation of AI BOTS for work process automation required for Trident Virtual Assistant and an auto - ticketing system for the helpdesk. 4. A 24x7 NOC for proactive management and monitoring of the entire IT setup spanning globally across 11 plus offices and 18 production plants.