A veteran IT leader, Rajesh Mittal is the GM and Head of Operations, IT Infrastructure and Smart City at Bharti Infratel. He has been credited in driving IT strategy, business excellence and enhanced customer experience, in addition to utilizing his techno-managerial skills to transform processes. In a career spanning over two decades, Mittal held IT leadership positions at Avaya Global Connect and Ansun Multitech (India) prior to his decade-long tenure at Bharti Infratel.

With over 92,000 towers catering to the top three telcos in India, Bharti Infratel holds the pole position when it comes to providing telecom infrastructure in the country. In order to provide the best-in-class service to telecom operators, it was of utmost importance for Bharti Infratel to deliver high quality services in terms of high tower uptime with negligible downtime on a 24x7 basis. Therefore it was essential for the underlying infrastructure, services and equipment to be functional at all times. The only way to achieve this was by carrying out preventive maintenance in a schedule and periodic manner. To address this, Bharti Infratel developed a digital solution to address business challenges and increase the productivity of its field force. The solution comprises of various components such as mobile platforms, mobile applications and mobile device management integrated with the company’s ERP. The mobile application implemented is for tech and vendor preventive maintenance, where the punch-point checklist is configured and integrated with the company’s Fixed Asset Register (FAR) in a real time manner. The application is built in with barcode and geo-fencing functionality to make it possible for the towers’ coordinates to be captured by the field technician assigned to execute the task. Integration with the company’s FAR also helps the business to address site mismatch and asset mismatch issues, in addition to allowing the technician to perform maintenance on actual assets. Apart from reducing opex spend and improving field force productivity, Bharti Infratel observed increased in tower uptime.