Ramaswamy PV is Chief Information Officer at HCL Technologies. He leads Enterprise applications - managing entire application landscape - including SAP, SFDC, Suite of Oracle, Microsoft, Analytic products. He also drives the digital transformation that includes Digital workplace, Processes & Analytics - with cutting edge technologies. He comes with 10 years of domain and 18 years of IT experience having helped many global MNCs on their business transformation journey

Data Analytics is the most important step in decision making, as analytics has evolved many folds in the last few years. Digital Analytics journey at HCL started a year back, under agile methodology to deliver insightful story which to be read on all modern mobile platforms. Delivering descriptive analytics as a much easier and consumable format to predict and simulate the forecast, cater to all persona needs delivering specific products for sales, finance, and delivery functions. In order to ensure accuracy of dashboard, major process and system corrections and validating the entire end-to-end processes was done. Apart from getting the attrition probabilities in the dashboard, the user can directly interact with the predictive model and can explore the effect on prediction by varying the values of the predictors. In the system, the attrition probabilities are provided using a best performing machine learning model. But in a separate section HR user can select and run other predictive models (already created and stored) and can compare the outcome generated with various models. Order book Dashboard delivers the accuracy of forecast and transparency and accountability from Line of Business heads to projects. The Third Party Reconciliation dashboards loops in both account payable and account receivable ensuring optimum billing and margins which is quite novel in the industry. HR are now able to predict attrition of high-risk employees and proactively take relevant action, thereby reducing attrition by 10%. Delivery, Finance teams no longer spend time on manual analysis of revenue recognized against the bookings.