Sanjay Aggarwal is CTO – IT Organization at Yamaha Motor Solutions (Ymsli) Ymsli is IT solutions arm of Yamaha Motor Group, Japan providing solutions in ERP, Customised Application Development, IT Infrastructure Services, BPO and dealer management systems.

Yamaha moved to an HCI environment by migrating its physical servers based on 4 nodes across its North India locations. The benefits that have accrued from the HCI implementation are: easy manageability, there was no intense system administrator training, since the virtualization platform has remained the same. Also, there was high performance with almost zero down time, with savings in overheads such as electricity space as well. As the next step, a similar environment will be created in its South India location, which will also act as a Disaster Recovery (DR) site. This step has been planned for year 2020. The company has proposed to create a DR site by installing HCI infrastructure in two locations and using the software tool provided by the HCI vendors.