Sanjay Chakraborty is currently the General Manager - Corporate Centre Information Technology & Digital. A dynamic senior management professional, Chakroborthy has over 30 years of multifaceted experience in engineering, project management, quality control, marketing, business development, financials, P&L and strategy formulation, implementation and information technology. His expertise lies in manufacturing of heavy engineered equipment and projects for core (energy) and strategic (defence) sectors. He is a keen strategist with strong business acumen in formulating and implementing the company’s five year strategic plan with a roadmap to enhance operations and organisational efficiency of the company.

Larsen and Toubro wanted to implement Internet of Things (IoT) solution for its precision manufacturing systems complex (PMSC) at Coimbatore. This IIoT project had multiple goals. The first was to optimize on cost and delivery timelines with continuous monitoring of the actual performance of the machines. Other goals included alerts on excess down or uptimes, automated 24/7 machine data analysis to detect faults and performance gaps and generate advanced alerts on key metrics. The solution helped monitor and get notified if tool life is near the target usage time. Also, a long term data analysis was used to generate productivity reports. With this project implementation, L&T Defence IC also achieved real-time single pane of glass dashboards and tablet app for entire floor operations visibility. The solution crafted was to implement IIoT platform to connect 25 machines for operational monitoring and six critical machines for health monitoring. The project went on to succeed as the ROI was 1.5 of the total investment, in a year.