Saravanan Viswanathan is Head – Internal Systems & Technology at Hexaware Technologies. He is with Hexaware for over thirteen years, he is a qualified IT Consultant, shaped further with technical and business acumen. With 27+ years of experience he is handling the CIO role around multiple technologies. He has Master’s degree in Computer Applications and a Management Diploma.

The Jaguar - CRM Process implementation project started with the prime objective of covering the specific needs of Hexaware Sales Process by blending the Sales process modernized, automated and accessible blended with the other organizational processes for maximizing the business benefits and predictability. The key process areas were building and tracking healthy pipeline and account management, enabling predictability in the organization in terms of future revenue, future resource needs and enable effective planning. The integrations include its interfaces with Financials, Resource Management / Hiring Systems and Organizational Dashboards. There have been crucial features/processes built specific to Hexaware such as Profitability Calculator and TCV computations - considering the usability / Employee experience aspects of various actors/roles involved. Integrations have been done between cloud and the On-Prem solutions in multiple scenarios. Standardized sales process optimized for different roles in the organization is implemented through this. More accurate pipeline information flows in with multiple dashboards in PowerBI which is accessible to the team members and the leaders. Its integration with the market systems enables the sales team to bring lot of useful & relevant information for analysis/ inferences / statistics / forecasting / dashboards. The Gamification is also to be implemented which could get the users more engaged.