With 30+ years of experience in the industry, Sarbani Bhatia heads the IT function of the Jagran group. She has spearheaded the execution of information infrastructure for the company verticals, as well as seamlessly integrated systems and processes for all functional areas. Her focus is on driving enterprise digital transformation for strategic organizational changes. She is the Sr. VP-IT at JPL.

JPL deployed an end to end advertisement management system, which is a consolidated, efficient, transparent and centralized pagination and layout design system for all 350 editions of the 8 publications of the Jagran group. The solution deployed provides an intuitive and user-friendly workflow for booking ads, by validating credit worthiness of the advertising agency/party. Additionally, it rules out indiscriminate discounting by means of an approval workflow by an authorized hierarchical matrix. The seamlessly integrated modules are designed to enable - optimization of space inventory, maximization of yield, efficient pagination and design of layout, revenue generation with a fool-proof mechanism of ensuring each and every ad is accounted for, thereby adding to the bottom line. The ROI on the project has been compelling as it has reduced discounting and improved yields, thereby increasing revenue. It has arrested all forms of revenue leakage by initiating billing based on confirmed published details of an advertisement, thereby adding to the top line. Additionally, it has controlled pagination through an algorithm of revenue-cost analysis, which has made a significant contribution in times of rising newsprint prices thereby strengthening the bottom line. This enables the organization to easily plan and execute complex ad campaigns across print titles and digital channels. Designing and placing of ads in a centralized manner has made the work transparent and accurate through completely automated workflows rather than the erstwhile manual efforts.