A seasoned tech leader, Satyanarayana Kasturi, Group CIO at Ashok Piramal Group has over 26 years’ experience of heading IT in the pharma, steel and power industries. He started his career in the domain of IT in manufacturing environment and thereafter moved into leadership roles like Functional Head and Delivery Head. He has been working in IT management roles for over 10 years before joining the diversified conglomerate Ashok Piramal Group at the end of 2017. Prior to joining Ashok Piramal, Kasturi was the CIO at Essar Projects.

In the era of Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs) and file-less malware, cybersecurity strategies at organizations have witnessed a tectonic shift. There is great need for round-the-clock vigilance to stop cyber-attacks and a robust business continuity and data loss prevention plans and mechanisms to protect organizations in the midst of an attack. Ashok Piramal Group, in its bid to bolster cybersecurity in the organization, completely revamped existing hardware and deployed new hardware as well. The group changed IT policies and Data Loss Prevention (DLP) and Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration Testing (VAPT) was implemented. The company integrated multiple business entities into a single SOC, thus enabling a centralized control and 24x7 monitoring.