For over 17 years now, Shikha Rai, VP - HR & IT at Canon India, has been aligning IT strategy with business and bringing excellence in HR. In her 30 years of experience, beginning after her graduation from IIT Kanpur, she has led exceptional teams and understood different cultures while working with counterparts in different geographies – at BHEL Bhopal and Jhansi, at Bausch & Lomb in Bhiwadi, followed by a stint in Duracell India, and now at Canon as Head of IT, HR & QEHS.

At Canon India, the ‘Digital Workforce’ project was initiated to enhance the efficiency and productivity by supporting its current workforce with digital workforce. With the complexity of business today, it’s important for employees to be deployed in solving complex problems while routine & repetitive tasks need to be delegated to Robots. Robotic Process Automation (RPA) by CIPL ROBOT & Chatbot – Canon MITR, are helping free our human resources to do more creative work. Examples of the processes covered under Robotic Process Automation (RPA) are “Collection accounting for funds received through Electronic Fund transfer (EFT)” – which has improved the cash flow cycle of the organization; “Download of Meter reading for Photocopiers from e-maintenance server (16 files twice daily, compile & store” – resulting in accurate/ timely information and faster customer service call closure leading to better customer experience. 1500 Hours already saved annually and many more processes are in the queue to be covered by RPA. Canon MITR, the HR Chatbot is helping employees get answers to their day to day queries related to various processes, policies, employee contact details, leave status etc. This is especially helpful for new hires to get quick answers to their queries 24X7 and even while on the move through the mobile version. About 30-40 queries are replied everyday by MITR both through chat & voice options taking employee experience to the next level. AI is helping MITR to keep learning & getting smarter day-by-day.