Srilakshmi Sanikommu is IT Head, Procter & Gamble India. She comes with over 13 years of IT management experience at Procter & Gamble in end-to-end program, service management, business process transformation, strategy, with a proven track record in connecting the dots between business strategy and technology solutions.

P&G’s “Gold standard supply chain” is a multi-million NPV program that leverages technology and process breakthroughs to deliver significant customer service improvement, Cash/inventory savings in the India supply chain. The scope addresses two specific supply chain opportunities via 2 separate projects. Wave 1: Improve distributor service level to their modern retail customers to to deliver significant sales growth Wave 2: Simplify P&G supply chain via stepping up, distributor systems/capabilities in the areas of forecasting, replenishment, truck building and analysis of service loss, to realize the intended benefits. The benefits of this project: Transportation and warehousing cost reduction over 5 years through optimized inventory, truck load optimization. Improvement of Distributor Sales out based forecasting.


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