Suresh Iyer, CIO of Blue Star focuses on leveraging opportunities presented by today's digital platforms in enriching and enhancing business at his organization. As CIO, Iyer orchestrates a number of transformational initiatives to deliver end-to-end digitalization of Blue Star's ecosystem of products, customers, dealers and suppliers using technologies like M2M, IoT, cloud, mobility, bots, and ML.

Suresh Iyer spearheaded the deployment of StarBot – a virtual personal assistant meant for the front line sales team at Blue Star to improve sales prospects and increase outstanding collections. The application offers data and insights relating to key sales and dealer metrics to frontline sales executives and their managers. The solution comprises of a dashboard that shows sales performance, forecast figures and growth figures of an individual and his/her channel partners’ across month, quarter, and the year. It also points out overdue figures, warehouse stocks and storage locations, Amazon-like shipment tracking, transactions and updates, a price calculator, and indicates key action items. In addition to offering a great user experience, StarBot offers a unique mix of technologies such as sales forecasting, business intelligence, and mobile applications – all tied up together to address various pain points of a sales individual. Blue Star’s sales team witnessed a 35 percent spike in efficiency after the launch of StarBot. This ensures that the sales team can spend more time on the field rather than being confined to the office. With near real-time data available on the app, sales-enabling decisions can now be taken while interacting with the dealer – a process that used to consume a lot of time owing to follow-up calls and unavailability of real-time information.