In a career spanning over three decades VS Srirangarajan has worked with ITC and Praxair, and since 2000 with Aditya Birla Group (ABG), where he is the CIO for Global Pulp and Fibre business. In his earlier roles, he was the head of Centre of Excellence for Enterprise Applications for ABG, CIO of Retail Business, Acrylic Fibre & Overseas Spinning and Head-IT of Textiles Business. His areas of expertise include business intelligence and enterprise applications.

The company deployed a blockchain-based traceability solution for MMCF (Man-made cellulosic fibre) that looked to integrate the entire textile value chain for traceability of product from cradle (pulp) to grave (brand retail). The organization’s value chain partners had been requesting for an auditable proof of record to show that the viscose apparels produced are indeed manufactured from Birla Cellulose FSC fibre. The textile value chain comprises of around 150 spinners, 500 fabricators and garment manufacturers which cater to around 50 brands globally. As this solution involved data sharing across various external and independent entities, each person’s data needed to be secured from another’s while providing visibility and ensuring data integrity. Therefore, the company setup a hybrid blockchain solution that is maintained by all the value chain partners to track their orders and shipments. A key feature of this solution is the mass balancing capability of material movement. This considers the material conversion ratios (fibre to yarn, yarn to fabric, fabric to garment) as well as the standard process losses as per Indian SITRA norms. Thus, ensuring that the sustainability credentials showcased on the solution are backed with proper data of material movement.