Sendil Kumar is VP – IT at Shriram Value Services. Kumar heads IT Security, infrastructure and datacenter operations which includes networking servers and storage and support of the Shriram Group, which has presence beyond 2000+ branches across India.

Shriram Value Services planned to restructure its security practices and deployments in endpoint security, gateway level security and application security. The solution deployed was around email security, Email threat protection (ETP) where the gateway for e-mail is routed through a leading partner. It filters the anti-spam, anti-malware and anti-phishing mails. The second one was around endpoint, this moved traditional endpoint with behaviour based endpoint through the use of next gen endpoint deduction and response. Thirdly, application security was addressed, where the solution enabled web application firewall for protecting web applications by filtering and monitoring the traffic on web application. Next, Shriram Value looked at gateway security. For this, they deployed a SIEM tool for incidents which are handled through managed deduction and response on threat intelligence. Benefits achieved from this project: Shriram Value reports that all users are now getting clean mails. Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting & Conformance has been enabled (DMARC) additionally. There has been a reduction in phishing mails delivery. On the endpoint front, the performance of end points has improved. On application security, WAF has helped in blocking the threats proactively before hosting any application. On the gateway side, SIEM with MDR with advanced security analytics has helped deeper deduction on rules and signature.