Vikas Gupta CIO at H-Energy is a strategic IT with nearly 20 years of rich and varied experience. He is a Leader with organizational authority for global enterprise-wide technology planning and implementing solutions with continual refinement & improvement of IT performance. He is an MBA Techie and a cross functional strategist, adept in meeting ever-expanding, global business demands against concurrent resource consolidation. Most recently he has delivered more than 25 projects in digital space to weed out in-efficiencies and bring about process automation by infusing technology into business.

In today’s world of exponential change, the only sustainable advantage one can ever have over others is agility. Digital is the key to green and lasting initiatives today and in future especially for mobile savvy customers. Harit Yantriki-karanam is an innovative custom solution, based on this philosophy, to address the complex business need at H-Energy, “accounting of energy molecules…” with attributes like being architecturally light, completely mobile, integrated both on upstream and downstream side, 100% secured, based on SDP (software-defined perimeter) , complying with ZTNA (Zero Trust Network Access) and accessible over a browser, to name a few. While the business complexity is monstrously demanding, no off-the-shelf solution is readily available. The use of an FSRU with limited storage capacity needed necessary level of detail and accuracy in inventory management. This is further obfuscated since the product is “Gas” which per-se is an intangible product and then it’s prone to adulteration even with most slender slackness. The process of reverting to status quo could be prohibitively expensive or impossible in specific scenarios. With businesses in green field locations, it’s most important to make applications lighter and not infra heavy but at the same time, secure and easily scalable. The solution created, addressed the intricacies of dynamic inventory management concept with the facility to monitor its own consumption and generate accurate Invoices for its customers’ fulfilled demand. The application is completely mobility based along with the facility for relevant document attachment & on-line review and their accessibility even in an out of office environment. Besides these direct benefits, the solution has established a bench mark in the industry to address complex business requirement in Oil & Gas Domain with lighter and technologically advanced solution