Vinod G is the Head of Digital and Chief Digital Architect at Ashok Leyland and has over 24 years of experience in handling business and IT operations. He has a strong record in creating robust IT architecture and has worked in various capacities in the areas of after-sales service, marketing, CRM, and dealer business management. As Ashok Leyland’s Head of Digital, he has been responsible for major business transformation projects in the organization by leveraging digital technologies to drive new business models and revenue streams.

At Ashok Leyland, Vinod G spearheaded the drive to deploy automation in contract workforce management. The company had a major challenge in managing the entry of their Contract workforce. At the beginning of each work shift, approximately 1500 contract employees enter their gate within a time span of 10-15 minutes. Authentication of each person along with validation of statutory/compliance requirements was a mammoth task. The standalone finger-print based gate entry system did not provide complete control to manage the crowd within a short span of time; managing offline records also proved to be a challenge. To overcome these challenges, the company implemented a contract workforce management solution integrated with turnstile. Every person entering through the turnstile is authenticated using either facial or fingerprint recognition. Various regulatory validations are also carried out along with the authentication process right at the gate entry. The solution sends relevant reports/MIS automatically to relevant stakeholders on a periodic basis. It also helped in streamlining the contractor bill payments and managing regulatory audits. With the help of the digital solution, Ashok Leyland has changed the way it manages its contract workforce.