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Dharmendra Rangain, CIO of Cisco Systems for India and SAARC region, has been with the company for over two decades now, and in the CIO role since 2014. A Master’s Graduate from National Institute of Technology Karnataka, Rangain is an engineer at heart who is focused on Cisco’s growth, employee productivity & experience, and building an empowered community. He is passionate about giving back within and outside the enterprise. He currently serves at Youth for Seva (YFS), a nation-wide volunteering movement, as a part of the National Advisory Board.

Cisco, being the market leading innovator that it is, always strives and ensures that its own employees get to test and use its own equipment much before they are brought to market. And the Cisco IT team is a key enabler towards that commitment. By doing this, Cisco IT is also able to showcase Cisco’s own technology in an enterprise environment to its customers while ensuring that its employees have access to the latest and greatest technologies. In that context, collaboration amongst offices and its employees in a hyper connected world has become a vital component for Cisco just like every company. Cisco has a vast range of collaboration products and new product offerings with several in-built AI / ML capabilities. The IT giant implemented these new-age technologies across all its offices in India. The entire solution is cloud-based with easy interoperability across other products and solutions that enables an inclusive experience wherein AI and context transform collaboration aims to accelerate teams’ performance. Cisco employees now have access to the latest collaboration technologies that becomes a fantastic showcase to its customers of implementing its own technologies and the benefits derived from them. With this cognitive collaboration project, there has been a forty percent reduction in cases and there has been more than 20x employee engagement through the teams’ adoption of WebEx. There has also been forty percent increase in video adoption and enhanced collaboration amongst the employees across Cisco’s offices.


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