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Sankarson Banerjee, CIO at RBL Bank, was 15 when he fell in love with computers. He has built tech-centric businesses, e-commerce and mobile trading applications, and capital market solutions. An experienced hand in outsourcing strategies, he had led the then largest and most successful cloud deployment in India during his stint at IIFL. Banerjee played a key role with many other web presences in India and abroad, for instance Shoppers Stop, Sharekhan, JP Morgan Chase, Capital One Auto Finance, among others.

RBL Bank deployed Bank ID Automation – a project developed for internal use that helped reduce execution time from three days to just two minutes. Finacle, the core banking platform used by most Indian banks has 11 different menus through which a user has to navigate in order to open a new branch ID and make it functional for BAU activities. Access to menus and data entry on Finacle was a complex process owing to dependency on other users. The process involved navigating through 67 different screens and data entry required verification by more than four users. The work, therefore, took at least three working days to complete. It was observed that 99 percent of data entries that users had to do manually were replicable from existing entries. RBL’s CIO, Sankarson Banerjee led the project to automate the entire process by creating a new Finacle menu which is capable of doing the same work in two minutes. The innovative idea of clubbing 11 different menus into one, and keeping it as minimalistic as possible made a huge impact on operational excellence. The project simplifies the process of creating new branches in the core banking system and saves several man-hours.


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