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Vinod Pandey is Head IT at GHCL with over eighteen years of IT leadership and management experience with exposure in Manufacturing (Chemicals) and Solution development / implementation. His core expertise includes SAP ERP management, Infrastructure management and strategies, IT, Auditing and Compliance management, DR, BCP, Corporate governance.

GHCL has started Digital Transformation Journey with a mission of “Innovative and Agile GHCL with Excellence”. The Digital Transformation project is closely monitored by GHCL senior management and is being managed by a Core team of professionals from different functions along with IT team members. It includes up gradation of existing ERP Landscape to SAP S/4HANA platform and Re-engineering of existing Business processes keeping project mission at center. There is a workable and effective ROADMAP for GHCL to go forward with Digital Transformation by implementing new age technologies and adopting innovations. GHCL has prepared a Roadmap for complete end-to-end Digital Transformation which includes ERP system, IT & Industrial Infrastructure, IIOT, Analytics and AI to be used in GHCL’s manufacturing environment for business excellence and tangible/in-tangible benefits. The upgradation of existing ERP landscape will provide ease of real-time data Analysis & Reporting in a process manufacturing environment, highly effective and result oriented Business Process Management with all fail-safe mechanism in place. Other benefits includes completely virtualized and flexible Server infrastructure with redundancy and scalability, Reduction in processing time and improvement in overall output from end business users and Integration between various systems and centralized data for instant reporting. The Core system connected with live Mobility solution will increase overall efficiency of the business processes and enabled key stake holders to respond and report on data in an agile manner.


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