Award Categories 2019


The Disruptive 100

The 14th Annual CIO100 Awards, India will celebrate a hundred organizations and their CIOs—The Disruptive 100—who display human ingenuity by deploying technology in unique ways to create new opportunities and disrupting the markets in which they operate. CIO100 Honorees provide testimony that when done right technology can have a profound impact on business value and on society as a whole. 

As is tradition, CIOs who have distinguished themselves by having won the CIO100 award for 4 times with the same organisation will be inducted into the CIO Hall of Fame.



Mobility Mavens

Business mobility solutions are now essential to any enterprise as mobile devices have reset the expectations of customers, partners and employees who want to stay constantly connected. Smartphones and tablets have made geographies irrelevant and the ability to access business information anytime and anywhere is more important than ever before.
The CIO100 Special Award for Mobility, instituted by Samsung, will in its 6th year recognise the CIOs and their organizations that leveraged mobility and delivered measurable business value by embracing technology to build digitally connected enterprises.


Business Transformers

In a world driven by technology, change is the only constant. In order to stay relevant and thrive, businesses must rapidly transform themselves if they are to seize the many new and exciting possibilities that change brings with it. In the era of Hybrid cloud, the right data centre strategies can enable organisations to lower costs, reduce complexity, innovate rapidly and scale exponentially.
The CIO100 Special Award for Business Transformers, instituted by CrtlS, will in its 7th Year recognise the CIOs and their organizations that have made bold decisions to disrupt and transform the way they do business.



HCI Trailblazers

Seamless operations between storage, networks and servers are critical to meet the growing demands of enterprise applications and fast paced modern business. Leading businesses now find the architecture of HCI that combines storage, computing and networking into a single system,
the ideal way to reduce datacenter complexity and
increase scalability.

The CIO100 Special Award for HCI Trailblazers, instituted by Nutanix, will in its 2nd year recognise CIOs and their organizations that are embracing new ways to architect success ,  scale and innovate like never before.



Customer Experience Icons

Customer experience, is a customer’s holistic perception of
their experience with a business or brand. It is formed as a
result of every single interaction the customer has with
business—navigating the website, interacting with customer service, the actual product design, or the degree of personalisation that goes into every service. 

The CIO100 Special Award for Customer Experience, instituted by Adobe as a new award in 2019 will recognise the CIOs and their organisations who are using CX as bedrock of digital transformation and deploying tech to produce actionable insights in their endeavour to produce customer delight.