Nomination Guidelines


What are we looking for? 
The 15th Annual CIO100 awards will celebrate a hundred organizations and their CIOs—The Progressive 100—that are using information technology in smart and relevant ways to engage employees, customers and partners in a digital era marked by profound disruption.

While innovation and business value are at the core of our CIO 100 awards, today’s IT organizations are delivering an astonishing array of digital capabilities to their companies and customers. We are hence looking at inspiring example of how IT leadership, business collaboration and customer focus are shaping the future of their respective organizations.
These awards will recognize CIOs who have managed to recast their role as a true part of the senior executive management team and are worthy of being called—the Progressive 100. 

The Progressive 100

  • Define what ‘digital’ means to their organization at all levels, enumerating both threats and opportunities.

  • Focus on the strategic direction and use technology to help lines of business create an impact in the marketplace.

  • Accelerate enterprise innovation by enabling a more engaged workforce through the use of technology.

To be a CIO100 Honoree, applicants must show that they have pioneered new technology within their organizations; applied a familiar technology to a new purpose, tackled an old business problem in an original way, set the bar higher for competitors, or introduced game changers into the equation. And their project, on submission for the award, must demonstrate business value, not just IT benefits.

CIO100 Special Awards
Apart from the CIO100 award, projects will also be selected by the Jury for Special recognition in different categories at the CIO100 Special Awards Ceremony. The CIO100 award and the Special Awards are not linked and are mutually exclusive, making it possible for an organization to independently win either, or both. An organization may submit  up to 3 projects for consideration. 

The CIO Hall of  Fame
As is tradition, CIO100 winners who receive this award for the 4th time, while being associated with the same organization, will be additionally inducted into the CIO100 Hall of Fame and be conferred this special award. 


Selection Criteria
To be selected for a CIO100 Award or a CIO100 Special Award, the project/s that you submit must have: 

  • Had significant business benefits

  • Positively impacted business process

  • Been innovative or created innovation

  • Demonstrated creativity and ‘Out-Of-The-Box’ thinking’

  • Should have gone live between 1st September, 2019 and 31st August, 2020

Judging Criteria

  • The CIO100 and Special Award honorees will be chosen by an IDG editorial team based on information submitted in the nomination form

  • Entrants are encouraged to include any information about their project(s) or initiative(s) that they would like the jury to consider.

  • Each entry will be judged based on how it compares to all other entries submitted.

  • Honorees will not be ranked.

Grounds for Rejection

  • Projects submitted in earlier years for CIO100 awards or the Special Awards will not be considered—neither will projects that are yet to go live.

  • Any project rolled out for a client of the nominating organization will not be considered.

  • Discovery of falsification of data or fraudulent claims will constitute grounds for disqualification.

How to Nominate? 

  • Nominations must be by, or on behalf of, the Senior-most IT executive in the organization who are authorized to apply on behalf of the organization.

  • You may submit up to 3 projects, but can win only 1 CIO100 and 1 Special Award Category in the year.

  • Past recipients of the CIO Hall of Fame who are currently employed with the same organization will not be considered for the CIO100 Award. However, their projects can still be considered for  the Special Awards. 

  • Past winners in a special award category will not be eligible for the same category again.

  • All nominations must be completed before Monday, 5th October, 2020, to be considered.

  • Please ensure you receive an acknowledgement within 24 hours of your submission else call Rupesh Sreedharan on +91 - 9324220513 to reconfirm receipt.

Guidelines & Suggestions 
Nominations that provide answers to all questions have a better chance of winning than incomplete nominations. We have found that the most successful nominations are those that are written by a CIO with input from both business stakeholders and technical staff. 

In order to win a CIO100 award or CIO100 Special Award, applicants must provide data and examples that support their claims of innovation and business value. For example, it is not enough to tell us that a sales support system enabled your company to increase its market share. You should also provide metrics such as your market share before and after the project, how your rank changed among your competitors or other metrics that illustrate your claim. 
For multiple-choice questions, please select answers as instructed. Answers to open ended questions may be as long as is necessary to communicate information about your initiative that you would like the judges to consider. We suggest a range of 250-500 words, depending on the question and its significance to your initiative. 

Please be specific and wherever possible use supporting data. Nominations that provide details about an initiative and its impact on the business have a better chance of winning than nominations that merely summarize a project. 

How we use your information 
The information you provide in your CIO100 nomination will be used internally by the jury for purposes of judging the awards and may be used in online articles or other publicity relating to the CIO100 awards.

If you would not like any parts of the information (company confidential) to be published, please mention it in the text box, but do provide the same for purpose of objective evaluation. 

Notification of Winning 
Honorees will be notified by e-mail on or before 1st November, 2020 

Queries & Clarifications 
For any queries or clarifications regarding the CIO100 Award and nomination, please e-mail Rupesh Sreedharan at or call him on +91 9324220513.

The deadline for receiving the CIO100 nomination form is Monday, 5th October, 2020.

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