Award Categories 2020



This year, we celebrate the Progressive 100—CIOs who have demonstrated a progressive spirit by helping their organisations adapt to sudden global conditions that impacted supply-chains, employees and customers. These organisations were led by CIOs with a strategic mind-set to ensure business continuity plans, provide greater resilience and leverage rapid innovation in challenging times to stay relevant and be competitive in the marketplace.


The CIO100 symposium and awards each year is based on a theme that best reflects the current business landscape. In 2020, CIOs have evolved as business strategists than mere technologists to help their organisations’’ digital transformation journey into 2020 and beyond.



For businesses, change isn't seasonal but constant and that's what creates a disruption that transforms businesses and takes them to the next level. CIOs are the change agent in helping organizations transform themselves with technologies like cloud computing and advanced infrastructure services through datacentres to lower costs, reduce complexity and scale up their IT infrastructure.


The CIO100 Special Award for Business Transformers, instituted by CtrlS in 2016 will honour the CIOs and their organisations who have successfully transformed their businesses by leveraging datacentre infrastructure, managed services and next-gen technologies for today and the future.



Smart Workplace, remains an organisation’s priority to ensure seamless operations and team collaboration that enhances employee productivity to maintain business growth. The workplace has evolved into voice, video, chat and content sharing to deliver a much rich collaboration experience for organisation and their employees, partners and stakeholders.

The CIO100 Special Award for Smart Workplace, instituted by Poly as a new award in 2020 will recognise the CIOs and their organisations who have deployed new-age collaboration technologies as bedrock of remote workforce transformation and office environment for a rich, seamless and secure experience.




Business Continuity is paramount for modern organisations in the digital era as they undertake IT transformation to keep ‘lights on’ and leverage innovation technologies to accelerate business growth. A business continuity and risk management plan usually involves building resiliency, recovery and contingency into your core IT infrastructure.


The CIO100 Special Award for Business Continuity, instituted by VMware as a new award in 2020 will recognise the CIOs and their organisations who have displayed exemplary work in terms of their business’s readiness to maintain critical functions after an emergency or disruption to build a resilient organisation.



Customer experience, is a customer’s holistic perception of their experience with a business or brand. It is formed as a result of every single interaction the customer has with business—navigating the website, interacting with customer service, the actual product design, or the degree of personalisation that goes into every service. 

The CIO100 Special Award for Customer Experience, instituted in 2019 will recognise the CIOs and their organisations who are using CX as bedrock of digital transformation and deploying tech to produce actionable insights in their endeavour to produce customer delight.