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Winning Through Digital Disruption

The 14th edition of the CIO100 will turn the spotlight on the ways in which a forward thinking CIO can win through digital disruption. Over the course of the 2-day symposium, speakers will share insights into how enterprise leaders can identify, respond and navigate through the world of digital disruption. India’s leading CIOs will discuss the key drivers of their digital strategies and with their peers chart a new course to unlock the tremendous opportunities that technology offers to disrupt business.

Gordon Tredgold, the Keynote Speaker at CIO100 this year will lay the foundation on the first day with his talk Creating a "Can Do" Mindset and follow up with his FAST Approach To Achieving Success on the second day. Gordon speaks, writes and consults on Leadership and has been recognized by Global Gurus Top 30 Leadership Expert and Speaker. He has written 3 books, over 1300 articles, he contributes to Entrepreneur, Inc Magazine, Forbes, Business Insider, Fortune, Addicted 2Success. Gordon is also a visiting professor at Staffordshire University in the UK.

Theme: Customer Experience

Delivering delight means putting the customer first and CIOs across industries are making Customer Experience (CX) the fulcrum of their Digital Experience (DX) strategy. This approach calls for seamless collaboration and rapid deployment of services and applications to outshine competition in the App Economy.

Developing new apps at scale using microservices architectures will be the new normal in 2022 as per IDC leading to a proliferation of new, internally-generated apps that scale faster with business models.


The CIO100 special session on Customer Experience will share peer perspectives on the changing nature of customer expectations and how their organizations can provide a true omni-channel experience in a global marketplace. 

Theme: Hybrid Cloud

The Hybrid Cloud is an increasingly common occurrence in enterprise IT. It provides the path to IT modernization for organisations while balancing exposure and compliance norms. According to 451 Research, 69 percent of enterprises will have multi-cloud or hybrid cloud environments by the end of 2019, suggesting hybrid cloud is here to stay.


The CIO100 special session on Hybrid Cloud will provide frameworks to deal with internal processes, legacy Infra, building in-house skill sets, and executing hybrid cloud strategies to simplify IT, reduce costs and maximum business benefits. 

Theme: Smart Workplace

Organizations are profiting from the increased digitization of the workplace, since the quality of internal user experience is seen as critical to business outcomes. Improved productivity, cost savings and a mobile workforce are all leading to greater flexibility and swifter response to customer needs. With millennials predicted to make up 50% of the workforce by 2020, adoption of workforce optimization technologies are leading to employee preference and loyalty.


The CIO100 session on the Smart Workplace will have experts and CIOs who have spearheaded such transformation share views on why this is an imperative and how to unleash employee productivity by adopting such strategies. 

Theme: AI & ML

AI-enabled user interfaces and process automation have swept across industries and are slated to replace one-third of today's screen-based apps by 2024. The power of AI and ML has resulted in use cases across verticals with deployments across marketing, sales, and services to improve customer experiences and enhance business growth. With almost every technology leader and business stakeholder across enterprise-size leveraging AI, it has undoubtedly evolved as the mainstream technology pillar for digital transformation.


The CIO100 special session on AI & ML will discuss the future outlook of AI in the enterprise and have CIOs share how it helping deliver value like never before. 

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